Rebirth of a Household Brand


"While the Carcraft name is familiar, that is where the similarity ends."

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The Carcraft brand, which is synonymous with eighties radio jingles and more recently its ‘Drive Happy’ TV advertising campaign, came to life more than 60 years ago. Before losing its way in 2014 and falling on hard times, was a successful multi-million pound business. 

The brief

We were asked to take the brand by the new owners, Louis and Reg Rix of CarFinance247 and create a website that would reflect the new level of service they would deliver. The brief was to reinvigorate consumer confidence in the Carcraft name by delivering a reliable and trustworthy online experience for finding and funding a used car online. 

What we did

Working closely with the new owners of Carcraft and focus groups, we looked deeply into the good that still existed with the brand and used that as a core which we would build on top of. A new colour scheme was created with clarity and conversion in mind, this was matched with a new image treatment that added a calming and warm, inviting feel to the brand, which opposed the brashness in style of the 2000’s.

We designed the site user experience and interface (UX & UI) based on distilled research and user journeys to create a website that delivered the key messages and allowed users to quickly and easily search for a new car and effortlessly continue down the sales funnel and convert.

The results

While the Carcraft name is familiar, that is where the similarity ends. Visitors to the new website now find a completely new look and feel – one more akin to the digital age it is now part of. The site has been designed with a simple and user-friendly interface and delivers refreshingly easy customer experience. 

The site differs from other car classified sites in that it is designed to allow consumers to buy a car and source finance at the same time, with a streamlined process and clear communication on expected payments. Buyers are able to search within their monthly budget as well as by make, model and location.

This website was all about conversion. Each element - from the brand adjustments, typography, image treatment, colour palette and carefully constructed user experience all played their part in the end goal to convert to sales and leads. At 180ºSouth we’re experts in using our experience in brand, creative and technology to deliver the end goal.