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How do you help users get an insurance quote in only three clicks?

As leaders and innovators within the Insurance sector, Uinsure invited 180South to partner with them to reinvent their customer home insurance application process.

While the overarching business goal was to make it easier for users to get an insurance quote, there were several user goals that needed to be addressed and accomplished.

Understanding the human need.

We were aware of the user’s pains in applying for home insurance which was mainly down to the dozens of questions needed for the data systems to provide a quote. The challenge is to include all questions but make the process as smart as possible to reduce the task time.

“Research showed rising trends in some target groups to actually stopped purchasing home insurance altogether year by year due to the poor user experience in the industry.”
Andy Crawford. Creative Director & Founder

Our running goal was to reduce the number of clicks for every journey from start to end payment. We accomplished this by blending workshopping every single interaction with rapid prototyping and user testing.
The cycle allowed us to efficiently review, refine and iterate which resulted in more creative and efficient user experiences.
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Mobile minded design.

The majority (93%) of the customer traffic consisted on mobile devices. The project was designed mobile-first, the focus was to creatively design the UX and UI to make the most of the screen real-estate on a task-by-task basis. The rapid prototyping workshop process allowed us to imagine new ways of presenting information and options to customers in a way that minimised ‘cognitive load’ (the need to think) and so, the time needed to complete the full application.

Kicking things off with a solid strategy.

We worked closely with the Uinsure leadership, technical and delivery teams to plan the design sprints around the development schedule. Our goal was to be ahead of development by at least 3 weeks to give the development team confidence and the delivery teams the ability to plan ahead and agree to internal deadlines set by the board.

Successful rollout.
One of the main goals for the project was for Uinsure to rebrand the application for rollout to over a dozen of their partners. Our design was carefully constructed to be easily switched to new brand colours, typefaces and iconography to fit with any particular brand style. Explicit care was taken to ensure these changes would never compromise the user experience. Results exceeded expectation in a successful rollout adapting to over a dozen brands.

Great UX equals delighted users.

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What our clients are saying

We love the simplicity, We now have the go-to app for flights.

Craig MacKay / Head of Marketing / Netflights.

We’ve done this together, you’ve really helped us create a great National brand & website. Thank you!

Reg Rix / CEO / CarFinance 247

180South exceeded Kirona’s expectations. Where Kirona faced design challenges, 180South presented clean and highly effective solutions

Jamie Heaton / Marketing Manager / Kirona

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