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Make it authentic.

Brands in every industry have one thing in common: the need to build meaningful relationships. But how to go about it? We believe that, ultimately, what really matters is what lies underneath. It’s about authentically connecting with people’s emotions and aspirations.

The design.

We selected a bright, energy-filled ‘tangerine’ which expressed the excitement of the benefits and warmth of the service that the customers enjoy.

It was essential the new identity would work with all other brand materials. We worked with the brand colour palette to find the exact tones so there were no conflicts to important UX design call to actions that could affect conversion.

The typeface selected was key. We wanted to give the logo mark a timeless feel, we avoided modern ‘app/online’ styled typefaces and instead selected the classic Helvetica Neue. The typeface is extremely easy to read, even at very small sizes. It embodies round and fully balanced shapes that give a familiar feel. At some point most of us have used Helvetica within the email or an operating system – visual familiarity was a strategy that we chose to help the brand feel already part of the customer’s lives.

How do we create a logo mark that has the potential to become iconic? It starts by digging deep into the way we serve our audience, customers and one another. The process involved the key steak-holders partnered with 180South’s Creative Director Andy Crawford. The team’s involvement at every point is crucial as we grow and build ‘scaffolding’ around the project as it develops and grows

The concept: 'Happiness Experts.'

Before we released and presented the logo concept we tested it throughout our trusted network. This is when we realised the concept was ‘the right’ solution. 

“When testing concepts we ask questions around the design. Questions around colour, how they feel, do they trust it, etc. But one thing stood out when we tested the new logo mark. When people saw the logo for the first time they smiled. – If someone smiles at you – you smile back!”
Andy Crawford CD & Founder


CarFinance247 Building Logo

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If you have a problem, a challenge, or would like to do better in presenting your brand or business, schedule a call with Andy Crawford our Creative Director, and let’s see how we can get you to the next stage. hello@180south.co.uk

What our clients are saying

We love the simplicity, We now have the go-to app for flights.

Craig MacKay / Head of Marketing / Netflights.

We’ve done this together, you’ve really helped us create a great National brand & website. Thank you!

Reg Rix / CEO / CarFinance 247

180South exceeded Kirona’s expectations. Where Kirona faced design challenges, 180South presented clean and highly effective solutions

Jamie Heaton / Marketing Manager / Kirona

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