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Inovus Medical

Inovus Medical is a multi-award-winning designer and manufacturer of surgical training technologies offering a disruptive solution and a mission to become the world’s partner for surgical training. Inovus required a brand strategy and a logo design for is our new platform technology ‘Totum’. Totum is a software platform that enables connected surgical training. It is a modular platform that allows surgeons to connect, share and learn from each other anywhere in the world.

Totum translates into English as ‘whole’, ‘aggregate’ or ‘altogether’ and this is the perfect description of what the platform does. Totum aggregates surgeons training into one easy to access platform, allowing them to see training data and their training progress, review videos of their simulated procedures, gain feedback and receive certification from senior surgeons.

Not only does the treatment instantly make the word unique, it also creates a focused visual icon for use as on-screen identification, social media avatar, app icon, and physical product usage.

Its careful design means it’s readable and recognisable at extremely small sizes and at a larger scale has a solid presence that sits alongside the other Inovus brands.

In order to make the logotype a more ownable symbol, we used the circle ‘Whole’ to create negative space within the word.

In addition, a cohesive system with complementary typography was designed, accompanied by a classic, trusted colour palette to give the brand an honest and strong emphasis.

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We love the simplicity, We now have the go-to app for flights.

Craig MacKay / Head of Marketing / Netflights.

We’ve done this together, you’ve really helped us create a great National brand & website. Thank you!

Reg Rix / CEO / CarFinance 247

180South exceeded Kirona’s expectations. Where Kirona faced design challenges, 180South presented clean and highly effective solutions

Jamie Heaton / Marketing Manager / Kirona

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