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English Fine Cottons

How did we successfully mix history, storytelling, human interest and eCommerce?

English Fine Cottons aren’t just a company, it’s a movement.

Its owners and founders had a dream to bring back the cotton industry in the UK. Investing over £6M into the listed cotton mill and all its state of the art machinery was only the beginning.

180South was appointed as the digital agency to work with the English Fine Cottons team to create a website to document the vision of the brand and the developments as the mill was restored and factory-built.

Storytelling 101.

Working with the EFC team closely we ran focus groups to develop a strategy which would let the project evolve as the business did.

The website was launched as a storytelling piece and gathered followers and fans as the content was added over time.

One of our primary goals was to craft the user interface design to be modular, in order to achieve perfect responsiveness, no matter the screen size.

Styling and photography were crafted to match the classic modern English theme. User experience was tailored to focus on ease-of-use and design interfaces were subtle and precise.

The strategy was to create a following based purely on human interest and a hunger for bringing back the cotton industry in the UK. 2 years later in 2019 the evolution continued and the EFC shop was launched to the website. The blend of a natural flow of traffic, excited for the progress of the project along with the timing of the online store worked perfectly.

The styling is elegant and flowing.

Ease of use and exclusivity is key to the design. The product is all about the detail and the finest quality threads and this is replicated throughout each piece all the way through to the carefully constructed checkout process.

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We love the simplicity, We now have the go-to app for flights.

Craig MacKay / Head of Marketing / Netflights.

We’ve done this together, you’ve really helped us create a great National brand & website. Thank you!

Reg Rix / CEO / CarFinance 247

180South exceeded Kirona’s expectations. Where Kirona faced design challenges, 180South presented clean and highly effective solutions

Jamie Heaton / Marketing Manager / Kirona

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