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"This is the only way we can give you a flavour of the size and scope of our work without having to kill you"

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Big Dot’s business strategy is to be the secret silent partner to creative agencies wanting to expand their digital offering without having to build their own internal technical teams. Their strengths are to simply ‘fit in’ with existing non-digital agency teams and lead with digital experience to get the project done.

The aim was to attract creative agencies and the creative thinkers within it by focussing on shifting the perception of the development team from a stale necessity to an exciting new layer of creativity that could enhance a digital project through technology. It was important that Big Dot stayed away from technical jargon to deliver a clear message that Big Dot was here to take care of the technology and make it creative.

The solution was to create a site and brand that delivering an approach that went totally opposite to the competitors in their space. We created a hand drawn illustration style, characterising the Big Dot team as robots to bring the messages to life. A no nonsense copyrighting style was created during the process that inspired and glued the site together.

A copyrighting style guide was created to help the team continue through into Big Dot’s social media channels and business cards featuring each of the team’s Robot characters were produced to round off the brand collateral.