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"We love the simplicity, it's now the go-to app for flights."

Project Deliverables.
UX Design. Digital Design.

We were invited to design Netflights’ updated flight search to improve the user experience and hi-light Netflights’ low flight offering. 

With so many options and details involved in the booking process, our focus was to create something that was clear and easy to use. We designed the user experience ‘phone-first’ to make sure smaller devices were served the very best experience.

Coupled with the UX rework we gave Netflights a brand evolution. Here we explored where the brand could move visually and reflect in the business' forward-thinking nature. We developed fresh clean iconography and reduced the colour palette to aid user experience and give the beautiful destinations room to breathe. We removed anything that wasn’t 100% essential to the complex tasks which ended with a fresh, clean solution to be proud of.