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"Bringing Los Angeles Zoo to the App Store with animal intelligence."

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Working with our partners at TE2 and Atelier we created an entirely new concept, to design a new "2nd Screen" experience for LA Zoo that utilises iBeacons positioned throughout LA Zoo's new Rainforest Exhibit. As guests explore the physical exhibit they unlock exciting new content on their phone. The app was launched as the official app of the Los Angeles Zoo Rainforest of the Americas exhibit. It features maps, animal descriptions, fun facts, audio clips and conservation information.

The app employs iBeacons – the latest in location-based Bluetooth technology – to unlock information as visitors move through the exhibit. You can find animal exhibits on the map view, experience the sound of an Oropendula song or explore the many zones of a rainforest habitat. This app is designed to educate and entertain, to bring the rainforest to your smartphone and back home again. Easy to use, fun to interact with and beautiful to explore.

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