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Kirona is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of field workforce automation and field service management software with over 300 customer organisations worldwide.

To fulfil the requirements of their varied customer base Kirona develop a range of different applications that adapt to the Industry, end user and required task. Due to the variety of industries and working processes it means that Kirona’s products start off as an ‘off the shelf’ application but end up being customised, meaning that none of their customers has an identical software system or working process to another customer.

The team is formed from a blend of creative technologists, developers and sales team that are enthusiastic and dedicated in their customers, end users and products.

One of Kirona’s hero applications is ‘Job Manager’, a mobile application used all over the globe by large organisations and companies like Vodaphone who have workers out in the field 247. The application allows end users and workers to capture job information, images, signatures and more whilst updating directly to office systems. The application worked wonderfully and after being gradually developed over a number of years, the Kirona team saw the opportunity to enhance the application by focussing on the visual treatment of the application. With constant developmental adjustments, before 180South became involved the visual treatment simply didn’t match the groundbreaking application’s creative functionality.

180South’s challenge was to take the existing framework and redesign the whole Job Manager application interface design. 180South redesigned the look of the whole application and created bespoke iconography, navigation and fresh new colour scheme that helped the application to be as intuitive as possible. The goal was to make the application an exciting and enjoyable place to spend time for it’s end users and make adding content easy and enjoyable. The application was designed to work on any device, whatever the device the experience would be consistent and continuous, Android, iPhone, table, iPad, whatever the screen resolution, the online application adjusted for a truly responsive delivery.

Also involved in the project was a branding exercise where fresh new branding was created for each of Kirona’s application products to help tie them together as a fleet.

The results were Instant. The hard work in development by the Kirona team fell into place with a fresh beautiful design that make the application a pleasure to use. The 180South team worked closely with Kirona throughout the process to assure the functionality was never compromised but always enhanced. The sales team at Kirona have been given a new lease of life, with an application boasting a visual design that they are proud of.

Kirona branding
180South exceeded Kirona’s expectations. Where Kirona faced design challenges, 180South presented clean and highly effective solutions Jamie HeatonMarketing Manager