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Ninety East

"A sleek, user-friendly design receiving great reviews from customers and peers."

Ninety East
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90 East are a team of experienced travel experts, devoted to the world of luxury travel who wanted to offer their customers a stylish and engaging website showcasing customers 5 star hotels, exclusive villas apartments and excursions in resorts throughout the world.

The solution was to create responsive website with an elegant, luxurious design that 
exceeds the expectations of their discerning customer
base. The site combines stunning high-definition images with insightful, useful information about the various destinations their customers are considering. Globetrotting customers represent the highest value to 90 East, so we gave them an intelligent, interactive experience for plotting multi-destination itineraries and the ability to create, store and share their perfect trip. This ability to create and store the highly visual and informative trip information became both the glue to bring customers back to the site and also a way for the sales team to create tailored quotes, perfect for customer retention and the sales process. 

To help the team take control of their site and give it the ability to adjust in a fast moving market place, we made sure the beautiful design is powered by innovative 
technology, including an easy to use content management system that can’t ‘break’ the important wonderful visual experience.

Since launching their new website 90 East have gained an 
enviable reputation in the luxury travel sector and outstanding reviews from their rapidly growing customer base.