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"We've done this together, you've really helped us create a great brand & site. Thank you!"

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In the 4 years we've been working with CarFinance 247, we've achieve some amazing goals by increasing mobile conversion by 42% in 2013 and increasing conversion across all platforms another 17% by restructuring and redesigning the application this year in 2016.

The brief

Whist everything was going well conversion wise, we saw a huge opportunity to take CarFinance 247 to another level and make it look and feel like the big national brand it had become.

What we did

We wanted to take the quality of customer service and family values and expose them visually for all to see, making the brand something that we were all proud of and that reflected the company as it truly is. Starting with a logo refresh we were careful to advance the logo just enough to keep a link to it’s roots whist giving it a big brand feel. Brand guidelines followed and as an online company we created everything, digital first.

Conversion is the goal 100% with everything CarFinance 247 do. The website was designed in tandem with UX and completed design user testing sessions. This meant we designed, tested, adjusted and tested again until there was no resistance from our test sessions.

We approached our friends (and harshest critics) at Google Dublin to run a usability test study when we were happy and the results were put simply... “It’s beautiful.” 

With the branding complete and website build in progress we washed through a full brand relaunch package that covered everything from bespoke umbrellas to signage and a full outdoor national ad campaign.

We continue to work with the CarFinance 247 team and are proud to be seen as internal team members as we adjust and grow with the company.