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Arighi Bianchi

"Being old doesn’t mean you have to be outdated."

Arighi Bianchi
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Arighi Bianchi is a unique, fourth generation family furniture business which is housed in a striking Grade II listed building. The company began in 1869 and is well known throughout the country…but being old doesn’t mean you have to be outdated.

The brief

Having worked with Arighi Bianchi as digital consultants for some time we were asked to to build a new website that could integrate with Arighi Bianchi’s in-store stock and point of sales system (NAV) and import products and pricing for the old website.

What we did

After exploring the company’s needs for future growth, digging into statistical detail on the way users were using their current site through Google Analytics we started to create a picture of the way the site could come together. During the exploration phase we advised and added our own goals based on the current digital landscape and capabilities of the quality of projects we deliver. We designed a fully bespoke tailored solution based on multiple user journeys, scenarios and all our team’s years of experience working with high end e-commerce projects for Adidas, Disney, Waterstones, Kiddicare and Oxfam to name a few to give the project and brand something to be proud of and stand out from the competitive marketplace. We brought in our tech partners HiFi and worked with them and their user story based process to create a total ground up, fully featured e-commerce website using Umbraco.

As well as designing and building a wonderful user experience that would effortlessly increase conversion and load like lightning across all screens sizes and devices, our job was to advise, guide and explain reasons for decisions whilst listening to the team and their dreams. Each step of the design and build totally involved the Arighi Bianchi team. This is the way we do it at 180ºSouth, total collaboration with you, the client. The Arighi Bianchi team

The results

The result is a visually stunning, fast, intuitive e-commerce website that can be added to in modular phases as extra features or functions are required. It’s imperative to Integrate with existing systems and is integral for efficient workflow and this project was true testament to that. All 2000+ product details from the old website were effortlessly imported over to the new website. On the first week of the website launch conversion raised by 824% and continues to grow.

We continue to work with Arighi Bianchi and Hifi to continually monitor, test and update the website to increase conversion and add features. Arighi Bianchi are seeing their return on investment already.

If you have an e-commerce project you’d like to talk to us about - whatever the size, we’d love to hear from you.