User centred design

Good design is a brilliant thing, we love it with a passion, but that’s not the whole story. Ideas must have real user-centred functionality, to maximise design’s contribution to business success.

Naturally we take the time to understand your brand values and how you want to be seen, and we focus on making those considerations work for your audience. The user experience is all-important, and a crucial factor in making a great idea come to life in the most compelling, commercially useful ways.

Our design process involves identifying the user types who will be using the interface and mapping out their journeys. We prototype those journeys with wireframes. We study the strategic thinking. We dig deeply into your brand information and zero-in on insights.

Ultimately, 180South’s user-centred design process focuses on making the interface perfectly intuitive for your end user. Because we know making things easy for people is very good for business.