Creative technology

At 180South we’re communicators. Yes, what we do is techy in many ways, but we don’t do tech speak or try to baffle you with science. If you’re keen to understand some digital wizardry, we’re happy to explain it, but we’ll do so in plain English.

Unusually for our industry, we call our developers ‘designers’ too. We view development is a craft, one that adds a rich layer that’s essential to the visual design. Our designers and developers always work together, so you get the best idea and the best proven technologies in one coherent, beautifully functioning whole.

We’re creative in our use of technology to make sure the experience is the very best it can be, consistent and unique - no matter what the screen size.

And on the subject of screen size, 180South believes in equal rights for all screens. We approach every project with emphasis on making content delivery work for all screen sizes and platforms, to keep users happily engaged with you no matter where they are, or what device they may be using.